Ateshgah: An Academic and Scholarly Editorial Service

Ateshgah was born of an unusual relationship with words and with the English language: unusual in its closeness of attention, imaginative intensity, and care. In naming it after a Zoroastrian fire temple, we thought of the rapt absorption of William Empson’s poem ‘The Fire Sermon’:

Everything, Bhikkhus, is on fire. What everything, Bhikkhus, is on fire? The eye is on fire, the visible is on fire, the knowledge of the visible is on fire, the contact with the visible is on fire, the feeling which arises from the contact with the visible is on fire . . .

We aspire to provide a state-of-the-art editorial service to match the incandescence of literary and scholarly texts of any power. To get in touch with us now, please fill out the form below.

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Images on this site are from ‘The Maps of Matrakçı Nasuh, Ottoman Polymath‘, a collection published by The Public Domain Review.