ateshgah, n.: the fire temple; the place where words catch fire.

Ateshgah was founded in order to bridge the gap that has opened up, in recent decades, between publishing houses looking for a more efficient editorial process and authors, whose reputations still depend on uncompromising editorial care.

We are experienced and formally trained academic editors. We are also accomplished scholars and authors in our own right. Finally, we are actively interested in the intellectual work of others and are able to engage with authors intelligently, constructively, and creatively. With this combination of strengths, we are ready to meet the exacting standards of professional clients in the publishing sphere, eliminating the uncertainties that accompany the management of freelance talent. We are also a reliable resource for authors looking to work with the finer publishers and to further the recognition of their written contributions to scholarship.

Our standards are informed by our past work with leading scholars, institutions, and academic presses, including Oxford University Press and the Editorial Institute at Boston University. We limit our work to disciplines within and across the Humanities, where our areas of competence include literary studies, analytic and continental philosophy, intellectual history, musicology, art history, and adjacent disciplines.

As experts in textual scholarship, we are available for consultation with respect to advanced textual decisions involved in the choice of copytext, sequencing, annotation, and the development of a textual apparatus — matters attending to the creation of print and digital editions.