As Ateshgah’s Co-Directors, we possess distinctive and complementary sets of competencies. We work collaboratively, frequently discussing the specific requirements posed by a client and developing a strategy together. We are interested in our clients’ research and scholarship, enjoy deeply the perfectionism of our craft, and love doing what we do together. Our success depends on drawing others into this atmosphere of excitement over truly outstanding writing, and on the collaboration that enriches our clients’ communication without impinging on their rightful sense of authorship. We strive to bring intelligent imagination, sound editorial judgment, and tact to every encounter with authors and their scholarship.

Dr Anna Razumnaya received her doctorate in Editorial Studies from the Editorial Institute at Boston University. She is the author of a scholarly monograph, Under the Sign of Contradiction: Mandelstam and the Politics of Memory (forthcoming in 2020 from Peter Lang, Oxford). Her record of publication includes literary and textual criticism, historianship, philosophical translation, and literary prose. With an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and substantial graduate coursework in that discipline, her areas of competence span analytic and continental philosophy, textual criticism, literary studies, and the history of ideas. Anna edits works across this range of disciplines, helps international scholars attain higher levels of linguistic sophistication in English, translates texts from the Russian, and consults colleagues engaged in the production of scholarly editions.

I have a very great respect for Dr Anna Razumnaya. She is considerate, pertinacious, and courteous. I am confident not only of her powers of mind and her substantiated knowledge, but of her strength of character, her dependability, and her honesty. She thinks, speaks, and writes with great clarity; she is as fair-minded as she is strong-minded; and her sense of humour combines with her generous sensibility to make her a most heartening companion within the literary and academic worlds.

— Sir Christopher Ricks, William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University, former Oxford Professor of Poetry

Dr Peter Hanly is the author of Fugitive Harmonies: Between Novalis and Heidegger (forthcoming from Northwestern University Press, 2021), the translator of Martin Heidegger’s On Inception (forthcoming from Indiana University Press, 2021), and the Assistant Editor of Research in Phenomenology, a scholarly journal published by Brill. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from Boston College and a Master’s degree in Violin Performance from Boston University. Having attended Winchester College and taught for a number of years at Boston College and other institutions, Peter has a broad interdisciplinary awareness with areas of competence spanning continental and analytical philosophy, literary studies, musicology, and art history. He edits articles and book manuscripts across the range of the Humanities, and translates scholarly texts from the French, German, and Turkish.